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Gina attended Cardiff Metropolitan University for her undergraduate studies where she received a First Class Honours degree. She continued on to complete a postgraduate degree in Sports Therapy at the University of Lincoln. Gina is also a Level 5 qualified Sports Massage Therapist and gained valuable experience working with an array of athletes including Paralympic and Olympic athletes. Since the age of 8 Gina has been heavily involved with athletics, where she has competed nationally and represented her university at the British University Championships.


Benefits of a sports massage

A sports massage is a combination of several techniques tailored to your affected muscle groups based on your specific needs. A massage can help flush lactic acid out of your body and increase blood flow to the injured site. Don't let the name put you off, a sports massage can be for anyone whether you're looking to loosen off tightness in your shoulders or help reduce pain from an injury.

Injury Prevention

A sports massage can help your muscles, joints and tendons move through their full range of motion. Many injuries occur by overusing certain muscles, which can result in soreness, pain and inflammation. A regularly scheduled sports massage can speed up recovery between training, therefore, reducing the inflammation that leads of injury. It can also help reduce the chance of injury recurrence. Sports massage is one of the most effective methods of treating soft-tissue injuries such as strains, sprains and stress injuries. 

Pain Reduction

Sports massage can reduce pain by recovering injuries or loosening of tight muscles. Massage can also promote the healing process by increasing blood flow to a specific area.

Post-Race Recovery

Sports massage can help speed up the recovery and healing process after an intense competition.


Customer Reviews

Gina worked on my calves, quads, hams and IT band before the county cup tennis champs and reduced the DOMS i was getting which was a result of intense training sessions. Really professional, knowledgeable and did a fantastic job. Would highly recommend, great service.

David Hubbard

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